Cycle Trends - The Cycle and Technical Analysis Software for the 21st Century Investor

Cycle Trends Live

Cycle Trends uses Cycles and Technical Analysis to analyze and forecast Financial Markets.

Cycle Trends Live supports live Intraday data provided by Sharenet or eSignal and the End-Of-Day Edition supports data in ©MetaStock format or in Sharenet's DN ASCII (text) format.

Cycle Trends is an invaluable aid to profitable investment. It works equally well with all the different components of the financial markets, including US and international equities and indices, commodities, precious metals, gilts, currencies, funds and futures.

You can learn more about Trading with Cycle Trends by viewing the following videos:

Cycles are not relied upon on their own for making investment decisions.

The program has 2 other cycle indicators that are used to back up cycle readings.

These are:

  • TrueOBOS: An overbought / oversold indicator that plots the deviations round the Fourier Trends.
  • Trendic: This indicator contains Fourier cycles and is used to trigger buy and sell signals.


Standard Technical Indicators
Cycle Trends also contains Standard Technical Indicators namely:

  • Stochastic
  • R-S-I
  • MACD
  • Moving Averages
  • Bollinger Bands
Other features
  • Trend Line analysis
  • Crosshair cursor
  • Cande Stick charts
  • Chart Zooming
  • Back-Test Feature: Allows the analyst to back track to any data point and research the accuracy of the different indicators at that point
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Back Testing with Cycle Trends Live

We are proud to release the Back Testing upgrade to Cycle Trends Live!

Back Testing a currency or share is done for the following reasons:

Firstly, it gives you the ability to test your analysis of a share or currency by viewing a historical chart exactly as it would have displayed at an earlier date and/or time, disregarding any price data after that point in time.

This is done by going to a previous peak or low, cutting off the price at that point and seeing if the cycle forecast was reasonably accurate at that point.

Then, by stepping forward (see method below), you can watch the progress of the Cycle and especially the Trendic indicators as the currency or share moves forward in time.

Not only is this a method for establishing whether a share or currency is cycle friendly but it is also an excellent way to study the indicators and their techniques.

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